Sunday, August 27, 2017

Red Roses - Romacci Review & 25% OFF CODE

Time for another review!
Today, I got to try this amazing outfit from a shop called Romacci, so let's jump right into it:

Romacci are selling their pieces via Amazon since they don't have an online store. The brand's name of those two pieces is "Anself" in case you're interested.
They were sold together as one which makes sense of course because they clearly have the same flower embroidery.

I wasn't sure at first because two separate pieces belonging together looked kind of like a uniform to me and thus I felt a little weird about it (yeah, I'm strange). However, when I put them on I actually liked it and I guess I'm even going to wear them together. In addition, there is a major advantage: You can totally wear either the top or the skirt with something else too which is really awesome. Basically killing two birds with one stone here.

This kind of flower print on black fabric is totally in vouge recently and you can see it like everywhere. It's not like I'm trying to avoid trends but this one never fully got me or motivated me to get a piece like this. Now that I have one though I see what the hype is all about since it is so beautiful and if I'm being honest to myself, yes, I love flowers, so why not giving it a try?

The skirt and top are perfect for summer too so now is the time to wear it! The garment is thin and light, the skirt luckily isn't too short and the top is backless and has ties, so you don't have to worry that it won't fit. Altogether, I'm in love I guess, haha!

Size S is what I chose which was the smallest one available. Once again I was actually sure it would still be too big but it turned out that it fits perfectly. Both pieces cost about $13 dollars (~ 12€) so it's extremly cheap.
And while we're already talking about it, you can even get it for a lower price! If you buy it from Amazon here (English) or here (German) use the following code to get 25% off: B7ND3HUG

It arrived here in basically no time (because you know, Amazon...) and the condition has been great. There were some wrinkles but after ironing they were all gone immediately.

Go give Romacci a try! Their pieces are very cheap, so you can't really do anything wrong right?

Flower Top & Skirt - Anself (Romacci) 


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